Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vegan Pizza Rolls and Other Stuffed Pastries

So, can you tell I cooked up a storm this weekend?  It was strange because it was almost all hearty an hardly any sweet.  Here is my attempt at vegan pizza rolls.  I decided to switch up my dough recipe and use the one from Vegan with a Vengeance.  I also decided that as long as I was making dough with stuffings, I might as well attempt a hot pocket like creation as well.  So I gathered up my pizza ingredients, some tofu stir-fry with chard and mushrooms and some broccoli and cauliflower.

 I was going to do the broccoli cauliflower with some mushroom soup except that once I opened the soup and looked at the can I realized that it had cream in it.  I am not sure when I bought that soup but I really need to pay more attention to these things when I am in the store.  I also bought some soy cheese on Saturday only to get home and realize it had casein in it.  Since my boyfriend hates fake cheese it was either drive all the way back to the store to return it, toss it or suck it up and eat it.  I settled for the latter.  I just couldn't justify throwing it away when it cost $4!  And since I had nothing else to put in the broccoli cauliflower hot pockets, I tossed that in there.  Teach me to read labels... >(

The rolls turned out mostly great.  The dough got a little thin and started tearing and so toward the end I just started making them a little bigger and thicker.  Also, I cooked them on a pizza stone and since it was in the oven preheating I decided to just line the rolls up on the stove as I filled them.  This seemed to work great until I went to put them in the oven and realized the first ones had started to melt and stick to the stove.  Oi!

Not too shabby, but I see some definite improvements to be made.

I had made a second batch of dough thinking that I would make some more non vegan rolls for my boyfriend, but by the time I got to this point I was exhausted.  I decided to just use the second batch of dough for 2 pizzas.   I rolled out the dough for my boyfriends and topped it with mozzarella and vegan pepperoni.  When I went to transfer it to the pizza stone, it wouldn't budge.  After much lifting and a little tearing I decided to just say f it and flipped it in half and made a calzone.  Mostly it worked just fine.
By this time, I was done, but I still had my pizza to make.  So I decided on a calzone for me as well and stuffed my dough with tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella and broccoli and cauliflower.  I have yet to try it and it is currently residing in my freezer.  I will most likely take a picture when I eat it.  Meanwhile, here is the non vegan one.

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