Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Chicken" Nuggets

 When I decided to go vegan I had no real love for fake anything.  I wanted to center my diet around all things fresh and natural and from the ground rather than simply excluding meat and dairy.  However, reading so many food blogs along with stumbling the internet and a love of creating in the kitchen does lead me to attempting these mock meats just to see if I can.  And if it turns out I quite like them?  As long as they freeze well so I can eat them in moderation, I'm down.  These nuggets?  They definitely fit the bill.  They come from this page and are mostly made up of vital wheat gluten and flour.  I was shocked at how yummy they are (especially wrapped in lettuce with a little mustard.  nom).  They freeze well and cook up in the microwave in about a minute.  The recipe made15 but I think I could either make them a little smaller or make them into chicken patties for sammiches.  My boyfriend thinks I should do some experimenting and try to recreate some of his favorite orange chicken from Sipz.  He also suggested some bbq experiments.  I am down as long as I serve them with some fresh salad as well. 

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