Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chili, Cornbread and My Very Own Cast Iron Skillet!

I have wanted a cast iron skillet since before my vegan days when I longed to sear a good steak.  Thank goodness I am past those days!  But a cast iron skillet comes in handy for other things as well so I was overjoyed at finding one at a garage sale last Saturday for only $1!

I used it this afternoon for the first time to make a grilled "cheese" sandwich.  For the cheese I used this recipe which is pretty much just nutritional yeast, flour, water and salt.  I had attempted this recipe last week when I first found it but I don't think I added enough water.  I decided to try again and I didn't take a picture because I didn't think it was going to turn out that great, but I was wrong.  I used more water to cook the sauce and added some tomato slices to the sandwich (which added a little more moisture) and it turned out really yummy.  Not quite grilled cheese but close enough and I didn't have to buy some overly processed and packaged soy/who knows what product to make it.

I had already been planning to have some leftover chili for dinner tonight when the thought struck me that a great thing to make in a cast iron skillet is corn bread!  I googled a recipe and came up with this one.  I didn't measure the honey and I don't think I used quite enough so I mixed up a little earth balance with a little honey to make honey butter to spread on top.  Nom.  Now, if only I had an avocado to put on top of the chili like I did when I first made it...

I also would have had a salad with this since there are no veggies, but I left the lettuce at work to make salads.  Oh well, guess I'll have to eat an extra helping tomorrow!

And a bonus:

When I make chocolate chip cookies I like to make a double or even triple batch depending on the yield of the recipe.  I bake up a couple dozen and then the rest of the dough I roll into balls and freeze on a cookie sheet for a couple of hours.  I then take the frozen cookie dough and put it in a tupperware to be baked when the others run out.  When you almost always have fresh cookies around, this saves a load of work. 

The cookies from my baking frenzy ran out today and so I pulled out the frozen cookie dough and a short while later, voila!

Om nom nom nom nom

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