Friday, September 18, 2009

Feeling Fruity

Here is what a green smoothie looks like at 6:15 am outside my apartment.   Unfortunately the picture of the pumpkin muffin did not turn out.  I have found myself craving a lot of fruit lately. 

Today I had some of my mint chocolate cashew puddingpiecake with date/nut/seed crust and an orange for a later lunch and it was really good.  Before that, for a mid morning snack, I had some sourdough toast with roasted red pepper hummus.  After work I headed out to Crazy Fred's to check out this week's comics since we hadn't been able to make it on Wednesday.  When I got home I attempted another grilled "cheese" sandwich with tomatoes.  It was really decent.  Definitely not cheese though.

I debated on whether I should make myself a "real" dinner or just figure out something easy later on.  When I finally got hungry I didn't really want anything except for fruit of which I have none fresh.  Scouring my kitchen for anything that sounded appealing, I decided to have some granola bars that hadn't held together that make pretty decent cereal.   I had some of this:

that I had opened recently and thought that cereal sounded good.

I prepared the granola bars by crumbling and adding some extra chopped nuts and some raisins.

 Looks good, right?  High hopes for a yummy dinner were had.  Then I opened the hemp milk and was about to pour when I noticed the date said use by 9/9/09.  Usually I wouldn't care so much except that with any sort of milk I try to finish quickly to keep from spoiling.  I only opened this a few days ago and I think I got ripped off at the store, but oh well.

So, now what to do with my beautiful bowl of cereal and no milk?

Mash up some frozen raspberries with a little water!

You would not believe how delicious this was!  And I didn't notice until I uploaded the picture that it is <3 shaped.

I love it when stuff like that happens.

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