Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A quick post

I am a little tempted to not even post these pictures because none of my food turned out all that great yesterday but here is some of it anyway. 

I made zucchini pasta with a raw alfredo sauce based on this recipe.  I wasn't the hugest fan of the sauce but I figured it would get better once I put it on the "pasta".  I was mostly right except that I added way too much sauce.  To the point where I couldn't eat it.  It looked like this:

So then I decided to add some lettuce and make it a salad.  Pre toss:

Post toss:
 It was pretty decent especially after I decided to add a few kalamata olives.
Then I wanted something sweet but not too sweet so I decided to make Gena's Soft Serve.  

 I also used her idea to add a little agave mixed with chocolate powder.

It ended up being waaaay to much banana for me so I refroze some of it.  Hopefully it will defrost ok.
Hopefully more food tonight.

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