Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chocolate Waffles

I am not the biggest fan of waffles and pancakes for breakfast, simply because a bunch of cooked flour covered in maple syrup doesn't really sound like the most nutritious way to start the day.  That doesn't mean I don't like making them or enjoy eating them but it does incline me to come up with more creative toppings than just syrup.

A few months ago I got this waffle maker at a garage sale for $1!  It was a little dirty but I cleaned it up and it works wonderfully.

Since I got it I usually end up making either pancakes or waffles once a weekend.  Today I was searching the internet for the perfect recipe and decided to make these chocolate waffles.  I know what you're thinking, chocolate for breakfast?  This girl's sweet tooth is out of control!  But when you really break it down, chocolate is not a sweet in and of itself, it is the sugar added to chocolate that gives it its bad rap.  This recipe only called for a TBS of sugar for which I used agave.  Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you anyway, remember?

Once I had decided on chocolate waffles the only logical topping after last night's dinner was raspberries.

I was a little disappointed because the waffles didn't come out quite as chocolaty as I thought they would.  I think next time I might up the chocolate content.  The raspberries definitely overpowered the chocolate, but it was still good.   Unfortunately this breakfast really didn't do all that much towards filling me up.  I am thinking I might go see what kind of fruits I have in the freezer to whip up a green smoothie.

I'll keep you updated.  :-)

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