Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Embrace Your Inner Consumer?

But generally only out of necessity, buy items of quality that will last, and whenever possible shop second hand.  I may not have adhered to my own advice in all of these purchases, but at least I try. 

I have 3 cats.  One of which (I'm not pointing any fingers...)
Has a love of scratching up carpet when he is locked out of a room.  I had temporarily fixed this problem by laying a piece of cardboard underneath our bedroom door to keep him from reaching the carpet.  Unfortunately that was only one of the bedrooms and I realized that he has been getting at the other door as well as a spot next to our heater.  In the interest of saving our security deposit and keeping our house from looking like it is infested with cats (which it sort of is) I decided to get some rugs to cover the spots.  I only went into a Khols for the first time a few months ago and since Mervyns closed before Xmas last year (or was that 2 years ago...?) it has sort of become my go to department store when department stores are needed.  I don't particularly care for department stores and would much prefer to shop in more neighborhood stores, but outside of the realm of food shopping I am quite unknowledgeable about where to get things.  I blame it on growing up in too big a city.  If anyone knows some good places to shop for pretty much anything in San Diego I would appreciate the info.  Particularly clothing and kitchenware although as I'll get to in a moment, I did find a decent second hand clothes store a couple weekends ago.  But back to my shopping trip.  The first thing I saw?

Can you tell why I fell in love with these rugs instantly and had to have them?  It's like they were designed for me.  The only thing that would have been more perfect is if they had had one of these as well.
While at Khol's I couldn't help but peruse the kitchenware and pine over the many gadgets and gizmos I did not need and could not afford.  But then I happened upon a sale on something I have wanted since the very first time I saw the infomercial for it.  That's right:
The Magic Bullet!

I had debated for quite some time on whether or not this purchase would be worthwhile.  Finally, after Katie talking about hers all the time I asked her if she thought it was worth it to have.  She told me that she uses it just about every day.  That topped with the fact that it was on sale and since I was making so many purchases I figured I would open a Khol's cc and get 20% made it a great buy. 

So far I have only used it to make salad dressing and an attempt at a smoothie that wasn't so great but I can't wait to use it to make fudge babies!

The clothing store that I mentioned above is apparently so new that it is not listed on google and even in google maps when I pull up the building it is a for rent sign.  Haha.  The address I believe is around 8270 La Mesa Blvd and hopefully I will be heading back there and can report the name when I do.  I found this shop to be so much different than my usual second hand clothes shopping which was always way over worn clothes with holes.  These clothes were in top condition and the jeans I bought were in fact brand new with original tags still on them.

Regardless of the fact that I do not care so much for the bedazzled look, these jeans fit me incredibly well which was my whole goal.  I also got a shirt and a dress that I am not sure I have anywhere to wear but I loved it.

And now, since this is me we are talking about, I leave you with some good eats from the past couple of days.
Tofu scramble with spinach and hash browns.  Sadly the hash brown was a bit too oily for my stomach.

The most surprisingly good meal.  Remember the kale I was talking about?  Monday night I mixed it in with some mashed potatoes and added some mustard.  This along side a homemade black eyed pea burger and some roasted veggies was soo good I repeated it for dinner again last night.

Till next time!

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