Saturday, February 6, 2010

All Vegan in San Diego

This is a late extension of xmas post!  I know, xmas in February?  Procrastination and neglect have lead to this moment.

For xmas my mom got me a whole bunch of things from All Vegan in San Diego.  I had never been to this store but my mom got some good advice from a friend with a vegan daughter to go there for some great gifts.

Upon opening my gifts on xmas day I was ecstatic to find that she had gotten me all kinds of vegan goodies.  These included some chocolate covered cherries, peanut butter filled chocolates, a cookbook and a tee shirt. 

Unfortunately the shirt was a little big and the cookbook she got me was The Joy of Vegan Baking which...I already had.  For the next month she attempted to find the receipt and I procrastinated calling the store to find out if I could make an exchange without a receipt.  Last weekend I finally called and the owner told me to come on down. 

I exchanged the shirt for a smaller size and exchanged the book for some things that will probably make me regret getting the smaller size.

I used to be a huge candy fiend as a youngin.  To some extent I still can be.  Luckily I have found restraint to go along with my mostly healthy ways and this haul should last me a fair while.  My favorite chocolate used to be a See's  that was caramel and marshmallow dipped in chocolate.  I think I am going to use these marshmallows to try to recreate those.  I have been on serious sugar overload lately though so I do believe it will be a while.

The smore was decent though it wasn't quite as good as I was expecting.  The graham cracker was interesting but not incredible. 

The box is filled with caramels.  I have had a couple so far and though they are supposed to be different flavors they all seem relatively the same.

And that my friends is my trip to All Vegan.  I would like to go back there sometime when I have some real money to spend and consider their shoes which of course are All Vegan.

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