Monday, January 25, 2010


When I started this blog I pretty much just wanted a place to record some of the yummy food that I made and possibly to show to friends and family if they ever asked what I eat as a vegan.  If I happened to gain some followers, all the better.  I am pretty sure that it was vegan blogs that are solely responsible for my being vegan and I have a lot of love for many bloggers I have never had the pleasure of talking to.  One blogger I have talked to and who continues to be a source of inspiration and a downright motivator for living an optimistic life is Chocolate Covered Katie.  Katie has such an enthusiastic view towards life and food that I find it hard to look away.  In fact, I spent a good portion of the weekend looking over her past posts.  This led to my making a few things and making a list of another gazillion that I want to make some day.  I have a few posts coming up about those adventures along with some cupcakes that I made for my Moms 60th Birthday which turned out so fantastic!  Tonight however, you'll have to make due with my Stir Fry dinner.

It wasn't my intention but once I saw it I couldn't resist recreating what Katie did here.

Stir Fry with Rice

What?  You say there's no rice?

There it is! (Katie, I hope you don't think I am crazy)

This was a really good stir fry.  The rice was just cooked with some carrots and peas and a little Bragg's.

 The veggies I actually steamed and my boyfriend stir fried the tofu (I could do without tofu to be honest).

 And now that he knows how to stir fry tofu, I never have to do it again.  Muahahahah.

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  1. Stalker?! No way: I think you are, without a doubt, the SWEETEST girl to ever walk the planet! On of them, anyway!

    Too cute with your rice! Methinks it needs to become friends with my pasta ;).

    Truly, I am so grateful to have you in my blogging life!