Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Future of Food

I just watched The Future of Food on Hulu.  I wish every single person in the world would watch this documentary.  More importantly, I want to know if our president has seen it.  I wonder if I wrote him a letter if he would write back.  Or an email?  Anyone ever contacted a politician?  Regardless, watch the documentary if you haven't seen it.  Meanwhile, I'm going to be looking for ways to get involved.  Wish me luck!


  1. I wrote to the White House many years ago - back in the late 70s during the oil crisis. I asked why, if gas was being rationed, they still allowed car races to occur. A staff member actually answered me on White House stationary and everything (I wish I still had it) and said that those cars used an alcohol-based fuel.

    That was ages ago and I was around eight years old, I think. As an adult, I am grateful that my parents said "Why don't you write to the president and ask him?" when I asked them about it. Pretty cool.

    I'm not sure how things work post-9-11 but I suppose you might get an answer eventually. (Or a visit from the Men In Black! :-)

  2. Thanks Kate. I actually ended up going to and there is a link to send a message to the president. It also asks you to choose a topic (farming and agriculture was not one of the choices so I chose environment) and it gives you the option to select if you would like a response or not. I checked that box and asked if the president or first lady had seen this documentary. I don't really expect a response, but perhaps he will read it. Since the first lady planted a garden at the white house I am somewhat inclined to think that she might care about this issue.

    I'm sure at eight it must have been mind blowing to receive a letter from the white house. That is very cool.