Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CSA Box #3

Ok, so I've got 20 18 minutes until I have to check on my soup.  Let me show you CSA #3 and what I have been doing with it.

Beets (with the darkest leaves I have ever seen!)

Blood Oranges
Fuji Apples

I should have paid more attention to my CSAs website because Saturday I went to Costco and purchased this:

Cherry Tomatoes

This alone is more spinach and strawberries than I thought was humanly possible to eat by myself since my boyfriend doesn't eat either, but then to get both in my CSA the next day?  That was poor planning on my part.

Luckily I have been eating a lot of plates that look like this:

And even more snacks consisting of just strawberries.  On the toast above and also in the picture yesterday is one of these:

Specifically the Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke.  So far this has been delicious as a toast topping, mixed with hummus on pita bread and a sandwich and tomorrow I am testing it out in a salad.  The pasta salad above was my attempt at a no recipe pasta salad with frozen corn and peas and fresh red onion and red and green bell peppers.  The sauce I made out of mostly garlic and olive oil.  Sadly it turned out a little too garlicky and not quite so creamy but was definitely edible.

Monday night I steamed up some of the carrots and the broccoli and served them along with some mashed potatoes and pan fried tofu.

I dipped the tofu in ener-g first and then a mix of nutritional yeast, flour and spices and then quickly fried in peanut oil in my cast iron skillet.  It wasn't quite flavorful enough but the method was fabulous.

At the moment I am making a soup using the leeks, celery, spinach and some chard I bought.  I will post more when I have some pictures of the brilliant greenness.

As for the picture I posted last night?

...4 hours after my soup finished...I'll tell you tomorrow.


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