Friday, March 12, 2010

CSA Box #2

What could be inside?  Precious wants to know too!

Omnomnomnom.  Farm fresh organic fruits and veggies!

This weeks box features:
Swiss Chard
3 Avocados
5 Navel Oranges
Red Leaf Lettuce
Butter Lettuce (I think)
Broccoli Leeks
3 Apples (I think Pink Lady)

So far I have used the broccoli and the rosemary to make this:

Baked tofu, marinated in lemon juice and mustard, rosemary garlic potatoes and steamed broccoli.  The tofu texture was awesome but the whole meal was a wee bit bland and the potatoes just did not come out right.  Whenever that happens I am so happy to have a fridge full of condiments.

Ketchup and mustard to the rescue! 

We also enjoyed some of the carrots and the rest of the broccoli steamed for dinner last night (my tummy was a wee bit upset and I overcompensated by eating almost a whole sleeve of saltines so I wasn't very hungry come dinner time).

The oranges are delicious and have a texture that reminds me a lot of a grapefruit but they are very sweet.

The avocados were a bit under ripe but luckily I had a couple left over from visiting my love's grammy's house (she has an avocado tree, grapefruit tree, a couple lemon trees, tangerine and orange trees.  <3)

The strawberries I sliced up and ate a few of and then used the rest to make this out of some failed biscotti and the chocolate I used to dip them.

I have a mountain of failed biscotti.  I made two recipes for my boyfriend's mom for her birthday.  The first one from the People's Co-op cookbook turned out great, the second one from the interwebs, not so great.  Of course the failed one made twice as much as the non failure.  And it just occurred to me that I took no pictures of the finished biscottis.  Next time I suppose!

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