Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spring is here!

Ok, so Spring has actually been here for some time now.  And while I have been absent from this blog I have been doing some really great things.  I began my garden a mere 8 weeks ago, and while it is not the forest that my neighbors garden is, it is nothing to scoff at, especially for my first attempt at growing anything.  As my 120 pictures transfer to my computer and I prepare to edit them for upload I am contemplating what direction I will take this post.  I have tons of pictures of my garden as well as tons of food pictures.  I also have some random pictures of my cats and some pictures of my CSA boxes.  In an attempt to keep your interest and keep you coming back for more I think I will separate this into those 4 categories starting with my garden.  Be back after editing.  :-)

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