Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cats! (For Reals This Time)

I have three cats.  This may or may not qualify me as a crazy cat lady.  As much as I adore my three cats, I will never have three at one time ever again.  Regardless, they do make for some interesting photo ops.

This is Fluffy.

This is Jinx (he and Fluffy are brother and sister)

And this is Precious.  She is ironically named as she seemed Precious when I first got her and then she later turned out to be quite a handful.  She has a number of "quirks" that only a mother could love annoy the hell out of me.  She's darn lucky that I love her regardless.  As I have mentioned before,  Precious has a love of greenery.  This is her nibbling on the top of a carrot I pulled from my garden. 

Wait, you mean I didn't tell you I harvested a carrot?  Here, let me show you!

You know, maybe I have a better picture.  Maybe one without a blurry cat tail in it?

 There, that's bett....oh wait...Jinx!  He is going after the plastic bag filled with vital wheat gluten.  He loves plastic.  I have heard it is like kitty crack (more so than catnip).  Precious and Fluffy may go crazy for my home grown catnip but Jinx is happier with a plastic bag to lick.

Ok, so enough cats and let me tell you about a new discovery.  Gena at Choosing Raw had a guest poster about a week ago from Oh She Glows.  I had yet to come across this blog and was blown away with it.  Angela could not have come up with a better name for her site.  She has such amazing energy and every post seems to glow.  I have been inspired a lot by a number of her posts (not to mention that I want to order some of her Glo Bars) but the one that kept popping out at me as I read further and further into her archives was Vegan Overnight Oats (VOO).  I decided to try it this weekend.  I am happy to report that it turned out fabulous.  I layered the cold oats with some peanut butter mixed with maple syrup for a delicious breakfast.

Gosh darn cats.  Can't escape them. 

I also topped the oats with this chocolate/sunflower seed/peanut concoction I made the night before.

Can't I get one picture without a cat in it?  No Jinx, you can't have my oats.

Finally, a catless picture.  Hope I didn't scare anyone off with my silly cat centric comments.

Be back tomorrow with proof that a creative vegan can eat anywhere.

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