Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Do you compost?  Still no pictures.  Sproutling pictures to come.


  1. A good compost system is on my to do list. As has been for awhile, unfortunately. But this year I mean it!

    What I'd really like but can't quite afford is one of those bins on a stand that spins. Turning the compost piles is where I kinda lose interest and that would solve that problem. But there are around $500! So looks like I'm shoveling for the time being!

  2. I am really lucky. I share the yard with my downstairs neighbors and they had one started when I moved in. He turns it and today we used an industrial strength blender to grind up my kitchen scraps so they would decompose faster. Working pretty well so far. I probably never would have gotten it started on my own. I'm quite lucky.