Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comic Con

Every year my boyfriend and I wait 51 weeks for our favorite time of year.  No, I'm not talking about Christmas, though it is a little like Christmas for the two of us.  I am talking about the San Diego Comic Con.  I had been to Comic Con before meeting my boyfriend but it wasn't until we started dating that I started actually reading comics.  Now I could tell you so much about the Marvel Universe that your head might explode.  Comic Con isn't simply about comics anymore but is a place where sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, movies, pop culture and comics all collide.  It takes place over a 4 day period and we suck up every last minute of it.  We go to panels where we hear people talk and answer questions about books, authors, shows, movies and anything else we love.  We walk the floor where there is art, previews, merchandise, celebrities and even some movie set pieces.  We people watch including taking pictures of people dressed up like their favorite characters.  But mostly we just geek out at getting to spend a weekend away from the reality of life and immerse ourselves in the culture that we love.  I would like to share, with you all, some of that culture.

If you've never seen the BBC show, Dr Who, then do yourself a favor and start watching it.  I started on the 9th doctor which is season 1 of the relaunch from I think 2005 or 2006.  It is a fantastic show!  I didn't manage to get any pictures of people dressed as the doctor (there were a ton!) but I did get pictures of people dressed as the Tardis, an alien, robot enemy and a Dalek! 

I also got a USB hub (which I needed anyway) that is shaped like the Tardis and makes the Tardis noise when you plug or unplug anything!  It is brilliant!

One of my favorite shows to see people dress up as also happens to be one of my favorite cartoons. 

Here we have Baron Underbite, Sargent Hatred, Dr Mrs The Monarch and the Monarch.  They look pretty fabulous.  I have also seen a number of Molotov Cocktease's in years past but did not see any this year.
From another adult swim show, I saw Dr Rockso, the rock 'n roll clown from Metalocalypse, but I will spare you that horror.  Be grateful.

My boyfriend and I love Marvel and usually spend a great deal of time at the Marvel booth.  This year since we didn't get to the floor as much as we'd like, we didn't spend too much time there, but we definitely did get to see some set pieces from upcoming Marvel movies. 

This is Odin's throne from the upcoming movie Thor.

And here is Captain America's shield from the upcoming Captain America movie.  We also saw the crowns from Thor for Loki, Thor and Odin but I neglected to get a picture.  The throne was the talk of twitter while we were there with numerous people posting pictures of random people in the throne.  The most awesome one was a bunch of slave Leia's all crowded around.  See a picture here.

Thursday night was a little lacking in anything we actively wanted to see or attend and so my boyfriend and I decided to cut out early for one night and go to a restaurant downtown that I sort of work for.  Henry's Pub can be quite the happening place any night of the week.  It is a great bar/club with some pretty great food.  We were lucky enough to get a table and get some great food.  Bonus points to the restaurant as they actually had a vegan entree on the menu that was soooo delicious.  But before we get to that, booze was had.  Let me preempt this by saying that I am not a drinker.  (Ok, so right now I am actually drinking a margarita for the second day this week, but really, usually I am not a drinker).  But Henry's Pub had Comic Con themed drinks.

First there were Avengers shots.  My boyfriend ordered the Captain America which was layered with something red and something blue and I ordered the Hulk shot.  My boyfriend also got this:

Lord Vader consisting of Jager and Root Beer.  I had never heard of this combination but I have to say that it is THE most logical combination I have ever heard of.

Here is the Vader and the Cap shot.

And here are the Hulk and Cap shots together.

 And here is my food.  Rice, beans, steamed veggies, salsa and avocado.  Good lord this was fantastic.  We spent most of the weekend eating foods that didn't have to be heated or refrigerated so it was nice eating something hot that was absolutely delicious (and vegan!). 

My boyfriend got the chicken tacos that he said were also delicious.  Henry's Pub was definitely a win for Comic Con dinner.

And I'd like to close with one final picture.  While waiting in a line that wrapped around a nearby hotel to get into a Venture Brother's panel, I got to witness first hand how our bananas are delivered.

A banana boat!  That's a lot of bananas.  Yum!

Hope you enjoyed my Comic Con journey.  More vegan food tomorrow!

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