Monday, July 19, 2010


A great fashion sense is something I mostly lack.  I choose functionality over fashion 95% of the time.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate fashion, it just isn't something I have really ever "gotten".  I admire someone who can go into a used clothes store and see some piece of clothing and have a vision of what it could be like in an outfit.  Even more I admire someone who can pick out their own fabric, find a pattern (or make one themselves) and make something beautiful and unique.  I stumbled upon a blog yesterday of someone who fits these categories incredibly well.  Out of Order is an incredible blog filled with wonderfully assembled outfits and a an amazing joyous outlook on life.  I have spent the last hour or two looking at past posts and let me just tell you, this girl should be working in fashion.  She has fantastic style and a great personality.  And to top it off, she has inspired me to try to step my style up a notch.  (Or maybe just a half until I have some time to go shopping for some used clothes).  Check her out even if you don't like fashion.  She has some great pictures of other things as well.

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  1. I rarely feel particularly stylish. My outfits all tend to have the same theme. Paid work is jeans, tshirt, workboots. Home work is jeans, tshirt, workboots. Everything else is jeans, some kind of shirt, roper boots. Definitely a trend there.

    I'm also envious of people who have a certain style. I went to school with a gal who wore these sort of faded full cut jeans and red flats with whatever kind of shirt. Maybe it was more her...personal style if that makes sense, like her confidence, maybe. I know it doesn't sound that remarkable but there was a deliberateness to it and it was her trademark.