Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daiya Cheeze

Recently, the topic of vegan cheeze was brought up and I mentioned Daiya was the craze of the interwebs but that it couldn't be found in stores yet.  My boyfriend then informed me that the grocery store he works at does indeed carry it now.  He brought me home a package of the mozzarella style and I made quick work of it.  I enjoyed it well enough but it is not something I couldn't live without.  My omni boyfriend on the other hand, said it was horrible and nothing like cheese.  Oh well.  You can't please everyone.  The first thing I made with it was a meatless ball sandwich.

Then of course I attempted pizza.  I use premade dough from Trader Joe's and veggeroni from Fat Free Vegan.

The taste was decent enough and it definitely melted but it did have a weird sort of stick to the roof of your mouth quality.  Enjoyable enough, but I am just fine with cheeseless pizza 99% of the time.

The next weekend when I was at the Co-Op I shop at I found that they had the cheddar version so I bought some of that as well.  This was used to make burritos and quesadillas.

The above burrito is using a gluten free tortilla from Trader Joe's made of brown rice. I do not recommend.  They did not roll, did not soften in a pan and didn't taste all that great.  Below is using a traditional burrito tortilla.  Much better.

I have been having lots of foods topped by avocado and pico de gallo lately. 

Barley chili inspired by Vegan Eats & Treats and from 500 Recipes.

Roasted potatoes.  I have become a little bit obsessed with potatoes the last week.  I have always loved them but I have been making them a lot this last week.

Be back with some more yummy pictures hopefully tomorrow.  I did a whole lot of baking between the last two weekends. 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've heard a little about Daiya but haven't tried it myself.