Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tonight's Dinner

I have a number of pictures that I need to write up posts to go with but I had to share my dinner from tonight. I spent a good chunk of yesterday and today going to three of the 4 grocery stores I frequent and tomorrow I will hit up the fourth along with the farmer's market. I have (possibly unrealistic) intentions of not having to stop at a store to get more than one or two things for the next couple of months. One of the stores I shop at is the People's Co-Op in Ocean Beach. I love going to this store and wish it was closer to my house because, if it was, it would be the only store I needed in addition to the farmer's market. Se la vie I guess. So once every couple of months I make the trek out to OB with my tupperware, glass jars and canvas bags and go to town in their bulk section and their wide selection of vegan friendly items.

Last time I went to People's (at least I think it was the last time) I ate lunch there in their deli. See this post for more detail. This time I thought I might pop up to the deli and see if I couldn't get some of that mock tuna salad to take home and try to recreate a tuna melt. Sadly they did not have the mock tuna but I did take home some mock chicken salad. I settled on a chicken salad melt and I'm so glad I did.

I started by grilling two pieces of bread spread with Earth Balance. I then topped one piece of bread with slices of an heirloom tomato I bought today while I left the other piece of bread in the pan with a Tofutti cheese slice on it to melt.

I then topped this with some lettuce.

Then topped that with the mock chicken salad.

Finally I stuck the two together and cut in half.

Can you tell me that doesn't look delicious? While I definitely don't think it is something to be enjoyed every day, it was a nice to eat something that reminded me of my pre vegan days but in at least a slightly healthier manner.
In addition, I was going to eat this with some spicy thai kettle chips but I had so much tomato left over and it was so delicious I left it at that.



  1. Thanks guys! Hey, if either of you come back to read this, can you let me know, I get your comments by email and I tried to respond but I'm not so sure it worked. In fact I'm pretty sure it did not. Thanks for reading and commenting!