Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't You Hate It When....

You make a dinner that turns out to be ridiculously yummy but neglect to take a picture of it? Tonight I baked some fries and browned some sliced tofurkey sausages.  That was going to be dinner until I looked in the fridge and saw avocado and salsa.  Then the thought of breakfast burritos hit me and that was that.  I filled up a tortilla with some of the fries, the sausage and some mashed avocado mixed with a little lemon and garlic salt and ate the thing with some salsa on the side.  Holy hell it was delicious. Now I'm thinking about how I could make some scrambled egg tofu to put in there as well. Perhaps this weekend.

On an unrelated note (but one that comes to my attention as I type this), I have recently learned that when typing you are only supposed to put one space after the period. This is something I had never heard of until about two weeks ago. I was always taught to space twice after a period. Let me tell you, after 15ish years of typing, this is a hard habit to break. How many spaces were you taught to put after a period? Sorry for the tangent but this sort of thing fascinates me.

But onto the food!

I have recently fallen in love with tofurkey slices.  I try not to eat too much fake meat and instead stick to less processed foods, but lately I have had a hankerin for a good sandwich. My office orders sandwiches every Thursday but as my only option would be veggies with mustard, avocado and oil and vinegar for $6, I don't participate.  This lead to the first purchase of the tofurkey slices. Yup, you read that right, first. Of two.  I also bought some veganaise back before Comic Con to make this broccoli salad and had been contemplating in which manner to use the remainder of it.  This was the perfect excuse.  There is something really comforting about a "turkey" sandwich with "mayo" and tons of veggies.

Oh, and did I mention I bought prepackaged onion rings too?  I hate it when I do that.  Oh well, at least my failure tasted good even if it did cost an arm and a leg.

Lately I have been feeling a little iron deficient.  Granted I am self diagnosing with no real nutritional background, but I had been feeling really tired and had a recurring headache.  That coupled with four unexplained bruises made me go on an iron deficiency cure diet.

I started with spinach.  Added some lentils.  And threw in some broccoli for good measure.

There is also carrots, onions and wild rice mixed with dried cranberries and pepitas (didn't turn out as god as I'd hoped).  I call this plate the Iron Deficiency Cure.

After this I tried to take the leftover lentils and rice and make them into a loaf.  Notice the use of the word tried.

I am making it my personal mission to make a vegan loaf that does not fall apart.  You are all my witnesses.  I will have success!  Oh, and that's one of my homemade refrigerator pickles in the back there. 

I also used spinach to make a crazy concoction that worked out unbelievably well.

This beauty consists of:
Juice of half a grapefruit
Juice of one lemon
Chopped ginger
A tiny bit of honey
And some water.

I was going to make a strawberry lemonade but ended up deciding to put some spinach in and leaving out the strawberries. Then I just kept adding things and I was really afraid when it came out all foamy, but it was soooooo unbelievably delicious.

And while we are on the subject of beverages...
I talked a couple of weeks ago about the margarita I was drinking while blogging and I wanted to show it to you.

It was all Trader Joe's fault.  I don't even remember what I went in there for, but on a super hot day they had displayed right in front tequila and margarita mix. Sometimes I am a sucker for advertising and the thought of an ice cold margarita on the hot summer day sounded so appetizing.  I did a quick google search on my phone to find out the ingredients in a home made margarita since the mix they had had high fructose corn syrup in it and I found that all I needed was tequila, triple sec and limes.  I believe the recipe was 1 part lime juice, 2 parts triple sec and 3 or 4 parts tequila.  This was a darn yummy margarita.

Until next time, thanks for joining me!


  1. I just discovered tofurkey and veganaise this summer, it blew my mind! It was like a whole new door to sandwiches had been opened! Lol.

    Also, you mentioned iron. Grape Nuts are super high in iron (45% RDA in 3/4 cup) and don't have any HFCS in them. I don't know how you feel about cereals, but I thought you might be interested. :)

  2. The spinach drink looks great! Have you tried the magical loaf studio from vegan lunchbox? It might help with your perfect vegan loaf quest. Here it is:


  3. Thanks for the comment Becky! Strangly enough I just found that website from someone else's blog last week. I have tried it twice since then with more success than I have had in the past. I will be posting my trials soon!