Monday, April 18, 2011

Roasted Pepitas

Ok, so just a quick post today. I have a tendency to notice bruises every now and then that I believe indicate a bit of an iron deficiency. Last week, I was feeling it. In my process of looking up iron rich foods, I discovered pepitas are high in iron. So I stocked up on raw pepitas.
 Separately, I had purchased a tiny new cast iron skillet at a garage sale a few months ago. It's almost the size of my hand.
Put the two together.

Yummy! Cooked over a medium heat and stirred occasionally until they started cracking.  These were a bit addicting just on their own. I also ate them on a salad and in a bit of a trail mix. And I thought I would never find a use for that tiny thing. Perfect!


  1. Those look delish :) perfect for a crispy treat.

  2. For low iron-you might want to look into Zataar Green. It can be found at most "ethnic" stores, and is very high in iron. Thyme and sesame seeds, sprinkle on some warm pita bread with olive oil, yum! Wash it down with some OJ to help absorption. But for bruising you may want to look into vitamin K as being the deficiency, as opposed to iron. It is a major player in the blood clotting cascade!