Friday, November 5, 2010

When Life Give You Lemons...

Or in this case: When your CSA gives you limes and cilantro.

Two weekends ago my CSA included a bunch of cilantro and a few limes. While I like both of those ingredients on a normal basis, my love for them has blown up over the last two weeks. My work was having a pot luck last Friday for Halloween and I decided it would be cool to bring some orange and black hummus and some dips. For orange hummus I went with roasted red peppers (I cheated and used a jar from Trader Joe's). I have actually made this a couple of times now as my boyfriend loves the roasted red pepper Sabra which is a fairly expensive habit. For the black hummus I decided to make it with black beans. I was going to go about it in the same way that I make normal hummus but once I got the beans opened inspiration struck! I added a couple cloves of garlic, a handful of cilantro, juice from a couple of limes, a little olive oil and a pinch of salt to my food processor and created one of the best things ever. My boyfriend was jealous that I wasn't leaving it at home and he could only try a bite.
I put the two hummus's (hummi?) together and created a festive little bowl. I then added some dippers around the side (secretly they were also to be sandwich toppings for me as I brought full pita bread for myself as I don't eat much at omni pot lucks).
Pita chips, pita bread, red and green bell peppers, cucumbers, pepperoncinis and some green olives.

Then, a few days later, I was reading Oh She Glow's latest post at work and saw her recipe for Avocado Lime Black Bean Salad and decided to continue the flavor combination love. No pictures of this one but it was delicious!

A few months ago I made some rice and decided to gussy my own serving up with some lemon and cilantro because I didn't think my bf would like it. Turned out he did and the other night he asked me to make it again. Having no lemons in the house at the time, I altered it by making it with lime juice. Delicious!

Then last night when I got home from the gym all I could think about was making black beans with cilantro and lime and then making a burrito out of it. So that is what I did. I had the most delicious burrito (which I neglected to take a picture of) with lime cilantro beans and rice, heirloom tomato and mashed avocado...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Do yourself a favor and try some lime and cilantro with anything and everything.

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