Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Much Time, So Little To Do!

Wait, strike that, reverse it. While being sick gives me a whole lot of time to spend not doing the things I would normally do if I was feeling better, there are always books to read, movies to watch and blogs to read. It is the later that leads me to the conundrum I am in today. Whilst scouring the internet looking at delicious food and recipes, I collect links to try at a future date. I copy the link from my desktop computer and then put it into an email which I send to myself so that I can pull up the recipe on my phone in the kitchen and not have to waste paper. This results in the majority of my inbox being from myself. Not to mention how full it's getting up in there. So I thought today I would post all those links that I have yet to try in one place so I can clean out my email. And if anyone has a better way of organizing recipe links online I would love to hear about it!



Need to Veganize

Already Made But Want To Keep Handy

Eezeee Cheeze I haven't made this one in about a year...
Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies OMG I had it the whole time! This is my go to choc chip cookie recipe.

Can you see why I don't do much other than bake, cook and work out? I think, after compiling this list that I will probably never get to even half of, I really should look into a career in the kitchen. Too bad I already have a degree and a career. Never too late to switch, but would it really be worth it?


  1. Ahhh! This was super helpful for me! I wish I could give you an organization tip, but right now mine is basically writing down recipes into this notebook I have. If it turns out good, I print out a formal copy and keep it in a binder. My poor notebook is covered; every page and every inch! In any case, the recipes are a super nice starter for me. I'm an omni by habit and over the past year and a half cut out most fast food, processed food, and meat. Right now my issue is getting enough protein. I know the sources, but never how to properly cook it! You're going to be a big help =] If you have any tips for beginners...that'd be great! (And anything cost friendly is awesome, too. I have poor college student syndrome)

  2. Sounds like a familiar path! So glad to hear you are taking an interest in eating well! I have recently been doing a free 30 day trial of 24 Hour Fitness' BodyBugg online program and I have learned a whole lot about foods I had no idea had so much protein. For instance, did you know that whole wheat bread is a good source of protein? I found that combining whole wheat bread with tofurkey slices was an incredibly high protein snack (or meal depending on if you add vegetables to it). Tofurkey is a bit expensive though and not really something I'd eat everyday. I made some lentil soup yesterday that was 29% protein with almost no fat. I don't usually pay attention to these things but I figure use the tools you can to at least learn a little bit. Lentils seem to be one of the best forms of protein that is not animal based but beans and soy products such as tofu and tempeh are also great. Tempeh isn't the cheapest, but if you could find it on sale it isn't too bad. TVP is textured vegetable protein and while it is a little more processed than I generally like, it is pretty cheap and lends itself well to a lot of dishes. Have you heard of seitan? Wheat meat as it sometimes called? I will try to get some recipes up with some tips I have learned in the next week or so. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello! I hear you on the career thing. I would love to bake for a living but I just doubt I would make money at it. Also, for the recipe links, I make heavy use of the google toobar's bookmarks feature. I have several categories there for food and recipes of various kinds to try later and then can pull them up again on any computer or laptop anywhere. Thanks for sharing your delicious thanksgiving with us. You take care of yourself and get well soon!

  4. ZOMG! Becky, you're a genius! Leave it to Google to have something that works almost exactly how I would like it to. There's even an app to download on my phone that shows everything I bookmarked and I can categorize by sweets/savory/already tried! I am so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!