Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yesterday, Miss Elise over at Hungry Hungry Hippie posted a picture of the most fluffy, delicious looking pancakes ever! Luckily for me and you, she posted the recipe this morning and I have already tried it. I used all whole wheat pastry flour since I did not have coconut flour. I wasn't sure if my not over ripe banana would work, but it seemed to do the job just fine.

I topped mine with some earth balance and some strawberries and blueberries that I let marinate in some maple syrup. For a recipe with no sugar and no oil, these turned out so much better than the usual pancakes I make and I think I may have just found that simpler = better when it comes to pancakes.

I tried to get an inside shot so you could see the fluffiness, but the sun interfered. I guess you'll just have to go check out Elise's much better pictures so you can drool over the fluffiness. You're only about 15 minutes away from pancakes in your belly. What are you waiting for?

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